Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping is a very important part of the structure and design of a garden. The hard landscape in your garden should be good to look at and in keeping with your house and the rest of the layout of the garden.

Hard landscaping can be an expensive part of your garden design and will be there for a long time. Sanders Landscape Services have the skills, knowledge and experience to get this part of your garden design exactly right.

Sanders achieve the best results by having a good relationship with
local builders merchants, ensuring excellent quality and choice of
construction materials.

Full building specifications are adhered to when constructing all
jobs, from driveways through to pathways and erection of fencing.

Electricity in your garden can be dangerous. Sanders only employ professional electricians providing a certificate of completion of electrical work if needed within the garden. This may include lighting or pond pumps/filters.

Sanders have a full range of modern garden machinery to ensure
projects are undertaken with professionalism and care ensuring jobs are completed on time and with the minimum of fuss.


Soft landscaping is the plants, trees, shrubs and flowers that go to make your garden the interesting place it is.

Sanders will only supply top quality plants that are suitable
for their new garden environment that are sourced from local trade
Specifications are followed regarding planting depths and soil suitability.

Good garden design and soft landscaping does not happen by accident. Sanders will ensure you get exactly what you want and is good for your garden space by undertaking good garden design and expert landscaping.

Sanders Landscape Services work with skilled experience garden
designers who can ensure that your garden will exactly meet your need. More information can be found by clicking here on our garden design services.

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Please call Matthew for a free quotation
Call us on: 01904 797373 or 07798 653655

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