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Water features

Water features add a new depth and fascination to your
garden. Water not only adds a new texture to your garden but can also
add sound, reflection, interest and can also be a haven for wildlife.
Whether at the centre of your garden as a main feature or located in a
lesser position the relaxation and interest added by a water feature is

Ponds and water features come in many sizes, shapes, depths and
complexity. A small pond can be quickly and easily added to a garden to
enhance it. However some water features will need to be designed with
the rest of your garden in mind, positioning, paths, access, viewing
points and safety.

Sanders Landscape Services will assist with all aspects of pond and
water features design and construction offering expert advice and

 Please call Matthew for a free quotation: Call us on: 01904 797373 or 07798 653655

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Please call Matthew for a free quotation:
Call us on: 01904 797373 or 07798 653655


Raised Water Fetaure


Wildlife Pond


Koi Pond Under Construction


Smaller Wildlife Pond